Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully our order terms & conditions as follows

Our website receives orders 24/7 while order processing is done during working hours: Monday to Saturday (Except Holidays) 11AM to 9PM. Your order will be processed once your payment has been verified. Orders with confirmed stock and with payments settled and verified on or before 5:00 PM will ship the next working day.

As soon as your  payment is settled, Please notify us immediately by filling in the payment confirmation form at http://www.benloi.com/payment-confirmation Attach a copy of the deposit slip or transfer slip for faster verification.

PAYMENT CHANNELS Bank Deposit/Online Transfer (BDO, BPI, Metrobank) Remittance Centers (Palawan Express, LBC, Cebuana Lhuillier, Mlhuillier, Western Union), Paypal, Credit Card, Debit Card


  • Payments are verified during our working hours (Monday to Saturday 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM). Please allow 4 to 6 working hours for payment verification.

Our system automatically cancels orders that are not settled within 2 days from order date. If you need some more time, Please let us know. We may be able to grant extension requests up to another 24 hours, but this is not guaranteed.
If your order is canceled, you can always place a new order but with no assurance that the item will still be available.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS -- In some instances, Paypal will put your payment on pending for 24 to 72 hours. During this time, your bank may contact you for the transaction verification. During our own verification, We may require you to submit identification documents such as a valid ID.

We will process your order as soon as payment verification has been completed.


Delivery/Shipping takes 3 to 4 working days for Metro Manila and 5 to 10 working days for Provinces outside Metro Manila. Please start counting the day after your order has been shipped.


We have 2 partner couriers: Xend Express and Erim Express. Products coming from our Luzon warehouses are shipped via Xend Express while Products coming from our Cebu warehouse are shipped via Erim Express.


  1. Our Warehouse staff prepares and packs the order.
  2. Once packed, Our Warehouse staff schedules a courier pick-up.
  3. Partner couriers (Xend and Erim) picks up the package from our warehouse.
  4. Partner couriers (Xend and Erim) sort the packages according to location and forwards provincial packages to theiir tie-up couriers.

Xend Express Tie-up Courier: 2GO, APCargo, Abest, and Ninja Van
Erim Express Tie-up Courier: LBC

Multiple Shipment is possible if you have 2 or more products on your order. 


BENLOI warrants that our products are thoroughly inspected and checked before shipment or delivery. We stand by the quality and condition of products sold.


Benloi is an authorized reseller in the Philippines, We do not manufacture any of the products that we sell. If the item you purchased is defective/faulty or a product with a manufacturing flaw causing it to be completely unusable, you are given 3 days (from the date you receive the product) to report your case. 


Customers with concerns regarding the Limited Warranty of Defective Products (or Products with a manufacturing flaw) will be referred directly to the Manufacturer or the Authorized Distributor for product assessment and evaluation.

While Warranty entitlement policies vary, Manufacturers and Distributors do not accept the following returns

  • Racket damage resulting from 3rd party re-stringing
  • Racket String breakage
  • Lose/detached Racket butt caps (this may easily be repaired by gluing)
  • Racket bumper and grommet strips that are subject to wear
  • Superficial Surface scratches or product damages  that are caused by poor courier handling
  • Superficial/Minimal Product damages while in transit
  • Any Product Damage resulting from natural wear and tear, inappropriate handling, tampering, and negligence
  • Consumable products such as shuttlecocks, strings, over grips, replacement grips,  food and food items, etc.
  • Customer's Change of Mind/ Buyer's Remorse  (Under IRR of R.A. 7394 the consumer act of the Phils. , A "change of mind" of the customer does not entitle him to refund/exchange)

 Valid returns in order to be accepted for product assessment, must meet ALL these conditions:

  • Product defect should be reported within 3 days from the date it was received. 
  • Product must be in its "unused" condition with the original packaging, and no scratches/dents/damages
  • Product must show no signs of use (example: plastic removed from the racket handle or racket's string has been changed to a new one)
  • Product must be returned along with its accessories and freebies.
  • Proof of purchase must be presented

It is the customer's duty to preserve the original state of the product while assessment is ongoing. Product will have to be in its its "unused" condition with the original packaging, no scratches/dents/damages, and must show no signs of use (example: plastic removed from the racket handle or racket's string has been changed to a new one).


  1. Within 3 days from the date the product was received, Customer reports the case with supporting photos and an incident report emailed to customercare@benloi.com
  2. Benloi Staff gathers complete information and sends these to the Authorized Distributor
  3. Authorized Distributor initially reviews and evaluates the case based on the photos and incident report provided by the customer.
  4. Authorized Distributor provides a feedback to Benloi Staff for the course of action
  5. Benloi Staff relays the distributor's feedback to the customer.

The Distributor will provide 2 possible courses of action : Depeding on the circumstances, Distributor may either ask the customer to ship the product back for further assessment or may disapprove the return request. Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) will be provided to the customer via Benloi PH once the distributor allows return shipment of the product for further assessment.

Brand Manufacturers and Authorized Distributors are quite strict in terms of product return time-frames, This is why it is important that the returned merchandise reaches  the distributor's warehouse the soonest possible time.

The returned item will be subject for final review/assessment by the Distributor's Product Experts. Please do not ship back a product that with no prior RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). 

A returned product with no RMA will be shipped back to the customer. 

Benloi PH as well as the Distributor reserves the right to approve/disapprove return requests at its discretion.

For approved returns, The product should be shipped back within 24 hours from the date of Return Approval. Approved Returns can only result in product exchange or refund via store credit. Please ensure to pack the product correctly with adequate packing material. Rackets should be supported with a sturdy material such as a plywood. All products should be "bubble wrapped". (Customer pays for the return shipping). We recommend that you insure the return shipment as you are under a duty to take reasonable care of the merchandise and will be liable for damage to them until we receive them at our location. We will not replace or refund (via store credit) if the returned product is lost or is damaged during the shipment.

Replacement or Store Credit in the full amount of your order shall be processed as soon as the distributor has completed their assessment and has approved the return request. (The product has to initially be received at the Distributor's warehouse, fully inspected, and acknowledged to have met the conditions we have set above.)

Does Benloi pay the return shipping cost for defective merchandise?

No, Benloi does not pay the return shipping cost for defective merchandise. We are not responsible for product defects, because we do not manufacture the products we carry and are entirely beyond our control. However, Benloi stands ready to assist you with your communication exchanges with the distributor.

Return address will be provided to you as soon as return request is approved.


Shoes, Slippers and Apparel are generally non returnable and non exchangeable. Size Exchange Requests subject to restrictions and conditions as follows:

  • Footwear and apparel may only be exchanged to to a different size OF THE SAME BRAND, SAME MODEL, SAME DESIGN, SAME COLOR. Exchanges for a different merchandise, or a different Footwear/Apparel Brand, Model, Design, or Color, will not be accommodated.
  • Notification must be made within 1 to 2 days from the date the courier has delivered the footwear/apparel to your shipping address.

To avoid inconvenience and costly shipping fees, Please ensure that the ordered footwear or apparel size is correct. Footwear and apparel may only be exchanged to to a different size OF THE SAME MODEL/DESIGN/COLOR. Exchanges for a different merchandise, or different Footwear/Apparel model will not be accommodated. Due to the fast-moving nature of Apparels and Footwear, Approval of Exchange requests are Not Guaranteed. Size exchange requests may only be accommodated if the replacement size OF THE SAME MODEL/DESIGN/COLOR is still available, and the customer notified us within 1 to 2 days from the date of successful courier shipment at the address specified on the order -- OTHERWISE, The sale is FinalExchanges for a different merchandise or model will not be accommodated. 

Size Exchange Requests, in order to be accepted, must meet ALL these conditions. BENLOI SHOPPING reserves the right to refuse exchange requests that do not meet any of the following conditions: 

  • Customer must be able to notify within 1 to 2 days from the date the courier has successfully shipped the product to the specific address indicated on the order.
  • Size exchange requests may only be accommodated if the replacement size OF THE SAME MODEL/DESIGN/COLOR is still available, otherwise, the sale is Final.

  • Product must be in its "unused" "unwashed" condition with the original box in the case of footwear and with the original plastic in the case of apparel,
  • There should be no signs of use. Tags and Labels should remain uncut from the Footwear or Apparel, There should be no Dirt (no matter how superficial) on the product
  • Product must have no scratches/dents/damages/surface abrasions/dirt/tears and holes for apparel.
  • Product must be returned along with its accessories and freebies.
  • Customer will pay for the return shipment as well as the shipping fee of the replacement.
  • Return shipment has to be made via air freight shipping (LBC recommended) or the fastest way possible. Brand Manufacturers and Authorized Distributors give us a specific time-frame for exchange requests. This is why it is important that the returned footwear or apparel (for exchange) reaches us the soonest possible time.
  • Proof of purchase must be presented (ex: packing slip, delivery receipt, sales invoice)

For more information please click HERE for our Limited Return/Exchange Policy Coverage.

All shipments are insured up to 50% of the total order amount.
Please note that the courier insurance covers only items lost in transit, hence our liability is limited only to refunding the declared value of any item that may be lost in transit (duly acknowledged by the courier). 
Claims relating to Product Damage while in transit is not covered by the courier insurance. However, be assured that Benloi Shopping takes great care and effort to ensure that all items are thoroughly inspected and checked before shipment, Likewise, packaged as securely as possible to protect from any physical damage. 
In the rare occurrence of product damage while in transit, we will assist you in filing a complaint/claim to the concerned courier.

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Price Errors/Inaccuracies
Please be informed that our prices are subject to change without prior notice. We reserve the right to make adjustments anytime for any price changes.
Benloi Shopping shall have the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for a product listed at the incorrect price. Likewise, Benloi Shopping shall have the right to refuse or cancel any orders whether or not the payment has been made or credit card charged. In the event that you have already sent the payment or your credit card has been charged and the order is canceled, Benloi Shopping will issue a credit to your account or send you a refund.
Order Acceptance
Your receipt of an order confirmation through email does not solely signify our acceptance of your order nor does it imply confirmation of our offer to sell.
Benloi Shopping reserves the right at any time, after the receipt of your order, to accept or decline the transaction for any reason.
Disclaimer/Limitation of Liability
We do not make express or implied representations or warranties of any kind, as to the information, content,  or products included on this site. 
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