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  • SH9000ACE-D Red
  • SH9000ACE-E Yellow
  • SH9000ACE-G Green

Victor SH-9000 ACE is a SUPPORT type badminton footwear which includes two characteristics: 


SHOCK-RESIST, according to the hardness of the insole and the thickness of the shock resistance pad, the impact when you jump is absorbed, reducing the sudden pressure on your feet. 


STABLE, lateral and whole sole of foot stability systems reduce the inward turn of your feet when you move, lowering the chance of injury. 



The outside of forefoot is designed using high-strength TPU. 


This significantly enhances the lateral stability during intense and rapid transfer of direction when playing badminton. 



The three-dimensional carbon fiber sheet provides mid-sole stability and decreases the torsional strain on the foot's arch. 



A High elasticity ENERGYMAX insole insert is placed at the forefoot to increase the rebound and cushion at the point of impact. 



ENERGYMAX reduces the impact of landing and aids in moving in the next movement. This effectively reduces the loss of momentum. 


Resilient EVA 

Highly resilient midsole material is more durable and retains its shape better. It not only provides the basic stability and shock absorption but also increases flexibility and increases the reaction time while changing directions. 



BRACE TEK technology provides more comfort and safety feeling to the foot, which gives more stability throughout the entire shoe. 



A thin film is applied over the soft and high-density PU leather to provide better strength and durability. 



Coping with the asterisk steps, the center is the rounded-shape design surrounded by triangular shapes. The radiation pattern provides more grip on the court during lateral and vertical movements. The small lump pattern distribution adds additional grip as the sensor and increases the grip.

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Victor SH9000ACE Badminton Shoes

  • Product: Victor SH9000ACE Badminton Shoes
  • Item Number: 0536
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