Payment by Visa/Mastercard


No Paypal account required.

STEP 1: "Add to Cart" the product that you wish to purchase

STEP 2: Register your Account, Do a Guest Checkout, or Login to your account if you are a Returning customer

STEP 3: Fill in the required fields. 

STEP 4: Choose "Paypal/Visa/Mastercard" for your Payment Method


For payments via PayPal, please make sure that the "Recipient" and "Address" on the PayPal Transaction Details are the same with what you entered on our website. We will only ship to the recipient and address indicated in the PayPal Transaction page by default. If you insist to have it shipped to an address that's different from what's indicated on the paypal transaction page, we will cancel your order, process refund, and you will need to pay us again, but this time,  you will need to indicate the correct recipient and shipping address on PayPal's ship-to address. 

Please note that PayPal does not allow you to change the country of your shipping address. This means that if your PayPal account is linked to a bank account or credit card in the USA or any other country, you cannot have items shipped to the Philippines. In this case, please choose another payment option (bank deposit or remittance center). We will cancel all orders where the ship-to address on the PayPal transaction details is different with that of what's entered on our website.

STEP 5: Click on "Checkout" after reviewing the details of your order. 

STEP 6: Click on "Confirm Order" after reviewing the order terms and conditions. You will be redirected to the Secure Paypal Site.

STEP 7: If you have a paypal account and will be paying via paypal, Login to your account to complete the purchase.  If you will be paying using your credit card,  Click on " Pay with  my Credit or Debit Card" and enter all required information.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Paypal may conduct a verification that will take as short as 1 hour up to 72 hours. During this time, your bank may contact you to confirm your transaction. In addition, we may also ask for a copy of your Valid ID to complete the verification process.